Deploy Your .NET Application Using Windows Cloud VPS

Available in multiple versions of Windows Operating Systems.

OS Choices

Launch your server with the latest versions of Windows available.

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Features of Our Windows VPS Servers

Windows Remote Desktop

Access Your Windows Desktop 24/7 from any location. The system is always on and connected. Applications will continue to run even after you end your remote desktop session. Perfect for businesses with remote staff to access important files or software. Or run software in the background without interruption for data processing, currency mining, game servers, trading stocks or forex.

Experience a Better Stability and Speed

Our Windows VPS hosting plan comes with excellent stability and speed even though they are cheap vps plans. Our trust and credibility comes from over 20 years in business and solid customer reviews. It helps to give your potential customer a reason to trust in your product or service as it will enhance your visitors' experience seamlessly.


Committed to Great Support 24/7

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